About Jelight Company Inc.

Jelight Company was established in 1978 and has continually pioneered the design and production of ultraviolet products for scientific, industrial, and research applications. Our innovative engineering and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques have made our products the first choice of leading organizations around the world. Our facility and staff speak volumes about our commitment to meet and exceed the needs of our customers. With over 140 years of combined glass blowing experience plus 30000 square feet of engineering and production space, our industry leading craftsmen are always up to the task. As an ISO 9001:2015 company, Jelight Company manufactures a complete line of products built to the exacting standards of our industry partners. Additionally, our in-house engineering staff and customer support team are dedicated to total customer satisfaction.


What We Do

Jelight Company manufactures replacement UV curing lights, curing systems, floor cure systems, mercury and additive lamps for flexo-ink drying systems, wafer erasers, UVO cleaners, ozone generators, low and super-high pressure mercury-vapor replacement flash lamps. Jelight Company’s metal halide UV curing lights undergo multiple series of tests to ensure correct starting and operating bulb voltage in curing systems and are made of highest quality of quartz. Jelight Company is an authorized Momentive Performance Materials Quartz Inc. quartz distributor and member of Quartz Fabrication Network in the Southern California area.

Anything that has to do with quartz or UV, you can be sure we do it. Being well-diversified across many industries is our staple; allowing us to tackle any new project or task and allowing our clients to stay ahead of the curve. By having a complete production line, Jelight Company can help you minimize costs. Since we are a vertically integrated company, we go from raw material to finished product, ensuring that you get the best prices around.


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