Dichroic Reflectors

Jelight Company Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of a wide variety of standard and custom UV mirrors/reflectors, IR hot mirrors, as well as uncoated clear fused quartz plates. Jelight Company uses only the best coating process and highest quality materials available. We are able to supply thin film coatings on Momentive™ quartz or any of the borosilicate types of glass. As a manufacturer, Jelight Company strives to accommodate customers with established cold UV technology as well as assisting OEMs who are new to cold UV. Our engineering department is always available to help with any new designs or concepts that require qualified engineering skills.

Cold UV mirrors are available in flat or curved profiles on quartz or borosilicate glass with angles of incidence of 0, 21, or 45 degrees. IR mirrors are currently available on flat clear fused quartz with 0 or 45 degree angles of incidence. Coatings with a custom angle of incidence may be available upon request. Dimensions may vary from ½” to 48″ in length and from 0.060″ to over 1″ in thickness.

How Does it Work?

Dichroic reflectors come in two types: hot and cold mirrors.

  1. Hot mirrors are placed between the lamp and your substrate.
    • They reflect 90-95% of IR wavelengths.
    • And they allow UV wavelengths to pass through.
  2. Cold Mirrors are placed above/behind the lamp as you would a regular aluminum reflector.
    • They reflect 90-95% of UV wavelengths.
    • And they allow IR wavelengths to pass through away from your substrate.

These are especially important in the printing and packaging industry where you may be working with heat sensitive materials. Refer to the figure below as well:

For any questions or inquiries on your specific application, please call us at (949) 380-8774 or email us at sales@jelight.com.