Jelight Company, Inc. of Irvine, CA has acquired a United States Patent for their JFC-412 series of Portable Ultraviolet Floor Curing Equipment.

Curious about the UV floor curing process? Here is our newest demo video to show you how it all works.

We have just released our newest portable UV floor curing unit, the JFC-417L.  The JFC-417L provides a cure width ranging from 17-21"-- great for use on larger area UV floor cure jobs in the wood and VCT industries! 


What is a Double-Bore UV Lamp?



            The name "double-bore" comes from the special quartz used to make the Ultraviolet lamps. This glass consists of quartz tubing with a quartz partition, or septum, through the center (see drawing below). This allows the plasma to ignite at one electrode and travel around the septum back down to meet the other electrode creating an arc of U.V. energy. These bulbs are low pressure, cold cathode, mercury vapor lamps which are manufactured from either fused quartz (ozone-producing) or ozone-free quartz. (ozone-free quartz lamps can replace a Vycor* filter for most applications).

low pressure mercury lamps.