Jelight Company, Inc. of Irvine, CA has acquired a United States Patent for their JFC-412 series of Portable Ultraviolet Floor Curing Equipment.

Curious about the UV floor curing process? Here is our newest demo video to show you how it all works.

We have just released our newest portable UV floor curing unit, the JFC-417L.  The JFC-417L provides a cure width ranging from 17-21"-- great for use on larger area UV floor cure jobs in the wood and VCT industries! 


Floor & Handheld Portable UV Curing for Residential, Commercial and Industrial applications.


Jelight is the only company with direct RENTAL and LEASE options available on all equipment!  These options are ideal for contractors who do not wish to make a large capital investment on equipment.  Introduce yourself to the field for a fraction of the purchase price!  If you do decide to purchase, all rental and lease payments go directly toward the purchase price of your unit.

We have the largest range of portable UV curing machines on the market today.  Currently, hundreds of our portable cure units are operating all over the world, on surfaces such as hardwood, vinyl, concrete and marble. 

Jelight’s top-of-the-line portable UV floor cure units offer:

  • Ideal for Residential, Industrial and Commercial applications
  • Lowest operational costs due to our long lamp life and high quality design
  • Proven reliability won’t leave you stranded with an uncured floor!
  • Highly maneuverable and portable—ideal to operate in the field
  • Shutter system to maintain lamp life and keep you moving, no need to turn the unit on and off at every small break
  • Free complete safety kit provided with each unit


Floor Cure Equipment:


Patented JFC-412 Series-


Our most versatile units, providing up to 15" cure window width. Patented Tilt Action Edge Cure enables edge curing without the need for an additional handheld unit.  Great for residential and retail jobs.







Standard Features:

Highly Maneuverable

Push Along System

Patented Tilt Action Edge Cure

Automatic Shutter

Long Lamp Life

Safety Kit Included


Electrical Requirements

100v-250V, 50/60Hz


125V, 50 Hz, 30A

250V, 50/60Hz, 15A

100v-250V, 50/60Hz


(2X) 125V, 60Hz, 15A

250V, 50/60Hz, 15A

Output Power

125W/in [50W/cm]

250W/in [100W/cm]

125W/in [50W/cm]

250W/in [100W/cm]

Additive Lamp





Recommended use

VCT, Wood

Concrete, VCT, Wood

VCT, Wood

Concrete, VCT, Wood


Irradiator 32 lbs [15kg]

Ballast 71 lbs [32kg]

Irradiator 32 lbs [15kg]

Ballast 97lbs [44kg]

40 lbs [18 kg]

40 lbs [18 kg]



JFC-417 Series-


The JFC-417 Series provides a cure window up to 21" wide.  Perfect for larger jobs, such as gym floors and large sqft jobs.

Model JFC-417E JFC-417L

Standard features:

• Highly Maneuverable

• Light Weight

• Motor Drive System

• Automatic Shutter

• Low Housing Height

• Long Lamp Life

• Safety Kit Included

• Rent / Lease / Purchase


Electrical Requirements

250V, 1 ø

50/60 Hz, 36A

(2x) 125V, 60 Hz, 15A

250V, 50/60Hz, 15A

Output Power 350 W/in [130W/cm] 175W/in [70W/cm]
Additive Lamp Ready Yes Yes
Recommended Use Concrete, VCT, Wood VCT, Wood
Weight 125lb [57kg] 47lb [21kg]

JFC-426 Series-


The JFC-426 Series provides a cure window up to 30" wide.  Perfect for larger jobs, such as gym floors and large sqft jobs.




The JFC-434E provides a cure window up to 38" wide. 


Handheld Cure Equipment:


JUVC-5 Series-










For use with our JUVC-5 and JUVC-9 handheld equipment.



surface refinishing using uv  


WARNING! Always use UV protective gear to cover eyes and skin! WARNING!
High intensity ultraviolet lamp exposure may cause burns, skin cancer, and blindness! Our systems utilize high intensity discharge ultraviolet lamps, known as HID.