Magnetic Ballast Transformers

Jelight Company designs and manufactures ferro-resonant transformers (constant power transformers), which supply a steady, reliable source of power to UV curing systems. The capacitance of the transformer is set to optimize the stability of power delivered to the lamps in order to keep intensity at a desired level.

Our units feature compact design, stylish shape, mobility, convenience, and safety. Each unit is equipped with current density selector indicators, control lights, and safety devices. Once installed on-site it is easy to operate even by inexperienced users. Our solutions conserve energy, save time, and deliver peace of mind. 

Our Ultima line of products represents affordable and well-designed encapsulated ballast transformers for the UV curing industry.

Table of Ballasts for Mercury, Gallium, Iron, and other Metal-Halide Bulbs





From left to right: Jelight Company’s 40 kW model and 20 kW model.