Jelight Company, Inc. of Irvine, CA has acquired a United States Patent for their JFC-412 series of Portable Ultraviolet Floor Curing Equipment.

Curious about the UV floor curing process? Here is our newest demo video to show you how it all works.

We have just released our newest portable UV floor curing unit, the JFC-417L.  The JFC-417L provides a cure width ranging from 17-21"-- great for use on larger area UV floor cure jobs in the wood and VCT industries! 


Electrodeless Lamps


Jelight Company offers high quality replacement electrodeless lamps for use with different Fusion Systems® machines.

We manufacture replacements compatible with following OEM part numbers: 205602H, 558432, 380-00201, 040126V, 558437, 040124D, 558434, 525624, 558394, 205601+, 558431, 274432H, 274434D, 558494, 213462, 558472, 213467, 558477, 213464D, 558474, 511004D, 558454, 511004, 274431, 558491, 213461, 558471, 558454D

Jelight PN Power* Length Spectrum Fill type
J06-3HG 300 6 H Mercury
J06-3GA 300 6 V Gallium
J06-3HF 300 6 D Iron
J10-3-4HG 400 10 H Mercury
J10-3-4GA 400 10 V Gallium
J10-3-4HF 400 10 D Iron
J10-6HG 600 10 H Mercury
J10-6GA 600 10 V Gallium
J10-6HF 600 10 D Iron
Electrodeless Fusion replacement microwave lamps

* Power in Watts per inch

Additional types of lamps are available at customer requests.