Ozone Generators

Ozone, a catalytic oxidizer with an oxidation potential of 2.07 eV, is gaining importance in new sectors of research. Chemical laboratories of universities, as well as electronic, pharmaceutical, chemical, biological, and medical research institutes are increasingly using ozone generators for the following applications: semiconductor processing, environmental research, drinking and waste water treatment, plastic and packaging production, and food processing technologies.  Also used for germicidal and sterilization, Ozone disinfects liquid, gaseous, and solid organic substances. New techniques have made the ozone generator extremely economical in laboratories, pilot plants, and industrial settings. The utilization of short wave ultraviolet light guarantees pure and particle-free ozone.

Chambers for our generators are manufactured from high quality stainless steel to prevent contamination of laboratory equipment due to oxidation.

Ozone Generators manufactured at Jelight Company are subject to rigorous testing before it reaches the end user. We test pressure and ozone concentration of each ozone generator in our lab prior to shipment.  Regardless of its size, every unit is equipped with the highest quality ultraviolet lamp designed specifically for ozone production.

Our ozone generators can be manufactured to fit any custom application. Jelight Company’s track record of 40 years of manufacturing and low cost make Jelight products the preferred choice for analytical laboratories all over the world.

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Ozone Generator Model 1000

These laboratory ozone generators units are specifically designed as an OEM component ideal for enclosure in a variety of different types of equipment, or for on-line Ogeneration. We manufacture a 12″ x 2″ cell from electro-polished stainless steel with inlet and outlet ports. The Model 1000 attains the same O3 concentration as the Model 2000, over 6000 PPM of O3.

Ozone Generator Model 2000

Producing over 6000 PPM of O3, this ozone generator is equipped with inlet and outlet ports for easy hook-up. The air throughput up to 5 LPM allows for any throughput flow meter for oxygen to be adjusted to the desired concentration. The generator is lightweight, completely encased for portability, and essentially designed to fit laboratory capacity.

Ozone Generator Model 610

Every laboratory ozone generator we manufacture is made of electro-polished stainless steel with inlet and outlet ports. The 9″x 1″ cell houses a seven inch O3 producing double-bore lamp. By adjusting the sleeve over the lamp, concentration of O3 can be varied from parts per billion to 3100 parts per million.

Ozone Monitoring Devices

Ozone Monitor Model 465L

The model 465L UV Photometric Ozone Monitor is an extremely stable analyzer, ideal for low-level ppm safety and process applications. It’s calibration is NIST traceable and the included pressure and temperature compensation ensure high accuracy under all conditions.

The Model 465L is available either as single stream unit or as a multi-channel unit capable of monitoring up to six individual sample streams. The Model 465L has been designed to deliver excellent performance, high reliability and simple operation. Operating parameters can be easily set up in the file using the operator-friendly menu driven software.

Built-in diagnostics provide warning signals if the analyzer malfunctions. Test values can be viewed while the Model 465L is operating. These display warnings and self-diagnostics, along with modular design, allow the Model 465L to be quickly repaired. In addition, any function that can be set or monitored from the front panel can be remotely set or viewed through the bi-directional RS-232 port.


  • Microprocessor controlled.
  • Menu driven software.
  • Lower detectable limit: 3 ppb.
  • Built-in diagnostics.
  • Self-check warning alarms.
  • Fast response times.
  • Minimal zero drift.
  • 1, 3, and 6 stream versions available for safety monitoring.
  • Programmable concentration alarms.
  • Temperature and pressure compensation (standard).
  • Standard 19″ rack mount chassis (3U).