Jelight Company, Inc. of Irvine, CA has acquired a United States Patent for their JFC-412 series of Portable Ultraviolet Floor Curing Equipment.

Curious about the UV floor curing process? Here is our newest demo video to show you how it all works.

We have just released our newest portable UV floor curing unit, the JFC-417L.  The JFC-417L provides a cure width ranging from 17-21"-- great for use on larger area UV floor cure jobs in the wood and VCT industries! 


Custom Quartz Fabrication - Diffusion and Single Wafer Process Parts

Since 1997, our company has been manufacturing high quality custom quartz parts for the semiconductor, fiber optic, and lighting industries.  Located in Southern California, Jelight houses a complete fabrication facility and continuously invests in quartz capabilities.  We are an authorized distributor-fabricator of Momentive Performance Materials Quartz Inc. and approved supplier to many OEMs and end-users alike, internationally and nationwide. Here's why you should choose us over other custom quartz fabricator companies:



We have heavily invested in fabrication, machining, and inspection equipment, enabling us to maintain strict tolerances and produce the highest quality products.  Our Quality Assurance inspection facility has the finest measuring equipment available, including a Brown & Sharp CMM.  All parts are manufactured according to the tolerance specifications required by today's automation.  Unique design of quartz ring burners and torches maintain the purity levels of quartz, greatly reducing possibility of metal contamination during fabrication. Our vertically integrated in-house abilities include core drilling, grinding, and machining our own solid quartz from ingots. Additionally, our 24” bore lathe is capable of handling quartz tubing up to 600mm in diameter. 

We would like to introduce the largest (to our knowledge) process or furnace tube ever made in the USA. This tube is Ø22.83” [Ø 580mm] O.D X 25’ (ft.) [7.6 meters] in Length.   

custom quartz tube long

quartz muffle tube

Parts available:

Single Wafer Applications:

  • bell jars
  • insulators
  • pedestals
  • cover plates
  • windows
  • domes
  • chamber liners
  • focus rings
  • shadow rings
  • wafer susceptor shafts
  • gas distribution plates (GDP)
  • baffles
  • shields

Vertical & Horizontal Diffusion Furnace Subcomponents:

  • double-wall process tubes
  • inner/outer tubes
  • liners
  • wafer carriers
  • boats
  • pedestals
  • baffles
  • torches
  • chambers
  • injectors
  • nozzles
  • caps
  • plates


Our knowledgeable engineering team provides industry partners with R&D and reverse engineering support.  We also provide repair services.  The most commonly repaired quartz parts are 200 and 300mm insulators, pedestals, and bell jars.


quartz fabrication at jelight
wafer carrier
bell jar quartz semiconductors
flange opaque quartz
quartz pedestals opaque
custom wafer carrier fabrication
fabrication torch
double wall process tube
semiconductor quartz parts
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