Meters to Measure the Intensity of a UV Light Source

Jelight Company also sells and services meters to measure ultraviolet light. Our portable handheld instrument units are battery operated, lightweight, and easy to use. Jelight Company also offers different types of probes that can be purchased separately to meet your specific measuring application.

UV Meter JEL2400

Meet the newest addition to the Jelight Company radiometer/photometer line-up, the JEL2400. This low-profile, high-intensity germicidal detector has detectors heads configured specifically for the 254 nm wavelength or 365* nm wavelength and offers research-grade quality at an affordable price. The detectors narrow bandwidth at the center wavelength of 254 nm helps facilitate the measurement of germicidal effectiveness at 254 nm from high intensity germicidal UV sources.

UV Meter Features:

  • 8 decade dynamic range
  • Meter & sensors with NIST traceable ISO17025 accredited calibration
  • Hand-held and compact design
  • Easy-to-read 4.3” touch display
  • Screen can be flipped for portrait or landscape viewing
  • Auto-ranging
  • Smart averaging
  • Built-in rechargeable battery that lasts up to 8 hours
  • Measurement speeds of up to 100 micro-seconds

UV Meter Specifications:


  • Measurement Range: 2 x 10-7 to 2  W/cm2
  • Spectral Range: 249 – 259 nm
  • Center wavelength 254 nm

* 254 nm and 365 nm configurations are separate detector heads.

UV Meter JX11

Please note: This model is now discontinued. However, Jelight Company will still perform calibration services to existing models.

The JX11 is a multi-functioning meter for photometric, radiometric, and luminous color quantities in combination with the appropriate probe heads. USB interface equipped. The JX11 can be operated with several detector heads. In order for the meter to display the measured values in absolute quantities, the meter must be ‘told’ which probe is connected to it. The calibration correction data of the probe ordered together with the meter is stored in the meter at the factory. The menu mode (see section 1.8) is used to select the correct factor in the JX11. If the probe was calibrated with removable accessories, the appropriate calibration for the detector head with the selected accessory must be activated. If the detector head calibration includes a data table of its wavelength dependent sensitivity, the wavelength to be measured must be selected.


UV Meter JL1700

Please note: This model is now discontinued. However, Jelight Company will still perform calibration services to existing models.

The JL1700 is a very sophisticated microprocessor based computer controlled current and conductance UV meter that maintains 0.1 percent linearity over most of its extremely wide dynamic range. This current reading range spans from less than 0.3 pico-amperes to 2 micro-amperes with 3 digit resolution, allowing a spectral range of 190 nm to 3.5 microns with unmatched resolution, accuracy, and reliability. The JL1700 is capable of auto-ranging in the DC direct measurement mode as well as in the integration mode over the entire 9 decade range. The automatic zeroing feature is complemented by the ability to set a 100 percent value for simple measurements in percentages of the measured maximum and for differential (percent change) measurements. Multiple input power selection, computer interface, analog recorder output, and remote computer control are all standard features. These versatile features allow the JL1700 to be used in numerous applications. To accommodate demanding operating environments, this model can be operated within a temperature range of 0 to 40 degrees Celsius or even greater ranges with the remote detectors. The JL1700 maintains complete compatibility with a multitude of detectors, attenuators, filters, and diffusers.