Custom UV Curing Systems



Jelight Company designs and manufactures custom fixed irradiator units for mounting on your UV printer or conveyor system.

Jelight Company manufactures everything about the system including:

  • Air-cooled single or dual system irradiator.
  • Lamps ranging from 50 WPI up to 1000 WPI in power and 1-200 inches in length. (The system shown in the title is a 130 inch arc length lamp) Click to visit page.
  • All reflectors (aluminum or dichroic)
  • Encased power supplies or ballasts. Click to visit page.
  • For cooler substrate temperatures, all irradiators are available with hot mirrors or quartz plates. Click to visit page.

All products are made in the USA. For any questions or inquiries on converting your existing system over to UV or adding on, please contact us.